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Consortia-pedia is: 

  • a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the emerging model of collaboration-by-consortium,
  • a framework for understanding the breadth and scope of approaches that a wide range of consortia have adopted in efforts to bring together non-traditional partners with a shared R&D goal, and
  • designed for stakeholders in medical R&D that are part of a consortium or interested in participating in or creating a consortium.

Consortia-pedia Catalogue

View profiles on more than 400 research consortia to learn about their work - including their mission, structure, data sharing, partners, and more - and connect with them.

Science Translational Medicine

A study authored by FasterCures analyzed the characteristics of consortia and found that these efforts provide a safe harbor for participants by guaranteeing transparency and equitable access to any outputs.

Framework report

FasterCures identified seven partnership components that cut across research consortia efforts and define the nature of each consortium, from intellectual property to patient participation.