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Consortia-pedia is:

  • A searchable catalogue of nearly 500 profiles on research consortia. Learn more about their work – including mission, structure, data sharing, partners, and more – and connect with them.
  • A framework report that presents a series of questions for those seeking to create new collaborative efforts, expand existing ones, or re-orient early-stage programs. 
  • A 2013 landscape analysis in Science Translational Medicine analyzing characteristics of 369 consortia around the world. 

Learn more

Catch up on Consortia-pedia with recent blog posts on analysis from the Catalogue, webinar summaries, and panels from our annual conferences. 

Collaboration 2.0

FasterCures champions efficient and effective collaborations in biomedical R&D that bring together diverse partners with a shared goal. Consortia-pedia is one project within our efforts to understand and encourage collaboration in biomedical R&D. 

Framework report

FasterCures identified seven partnership components that cut across research consortia efforts and define the nature of each consortium, from intellectual property to patient participation.