Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC)

At a Glance
  • Status: Active Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2009
  • Initiating Organization: Columbia University Medical Center
  • Initiator Type: Academia
  • Disease focus:
  • Location: International


The Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC), formerly Cancer Cytogenomics Microarray Consortium, was formed by a group of clinical cytogeneticists, molecular geneticists, and molecular pathologists, who are interested in applying microarray technologies to cancer diagnosis and cancer research.


The CGC mission is to promote communication and collaboration among cancer cytogenomics laboratories. The goals are to (a) establish platform-neutral and cancer-specific microarray designs for diagnostic purposes, (b) share cancer microarray data between participating institutions for education purposes, (c) create a public cancer array database, and (d) carry out multicenter cancer genome translational research. Collaboration among the different laboratories and researchers will provide not only validation for the microarray design(s) but also more comprehensive molecular information and more accurate interpretation to better serve cancer patients and further cancer research.

Consortium History

CGC was officially incorporated in June 2010 as a not-for-profit organization. Its members elected the first CGC board including the president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and directors in November 2010.

Structure & Governance

CGC has a president (Brynn Levy, Ph.D., FACMG, professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University Medical Center), a president-elect (Stuart Schwartz, Ph.D., FACMG, strategic director, Cytogenetics), a secretary (Gordana Raca, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor, University of Chicago), and a treasurer (Daynna Wolff, Ph.D., FACMG, professor, pathology, Medical University of South Carolina).

The Board of Directors includes Debra Saxe, Ph.D., FACMG, associate professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Emory University Hospital; Jaclyn A. Biegel, Ph.D., FACMG, professor of pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Linda D. Cooley, M.D., M.B.A., professor, University of Missouri Medical School, Kansas City; Lynne V. Abruzzo, M.D., Ph.D., professor, Department of Pathology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; Marilyn M. Li, M.D., FACMG, professor, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine

Points of Contact

Anwar Iqbal, Ph.D., FACMG
University of Rochester Medical Center
phone: 585-275-1077
fax: 585-273-3360

Sponsors & Partners

Baylor College of Medicine

Columbia University


Emory University

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Ohio State University

University of Chicago

University of Missouri

University of South Carolina

Last Updated: 04/07/2016

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