Imaging Consortium for Drug Development

At a Glance
  • Status: Completed Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2011
  • Initiating Organization: P.A.I.N. Group
  • Initiator Type: Academia
  • Disease focus:
  • Location: North America
Imaging consortium for drug development


The Imaging Consortium for Drug Development (ICD) is a collaborative research effort between academia and pharmaceutical companies who are developing novel drugs to treat central nervous system (CNS) disorders, initially focusing on pain and analgesia.


ICD’s aims are as follows:

Structure & Governance

icd 1 — proof-of-concept studies
In this category, the utility of fMRI in humans for the evaluation of drug (efficacy or side effects) or disease state will be studied.

icd 2 — translational studies
In this category, studies consist of basic research intended to develop protocols, procedures, and technologies for using fMRI to evaluate drug or disease state.s in animal models and surrogate human models of pain.

icd 3 — novel drug evaluation studies
In this category, research may be performed with members using fMRI protocols, procedures, and technologies (e.g., evaluation of a new drug).


The P.A.I.N. Group (Pain & Analgesia Imaging Neuroscience) is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, pharmaceutical companies, and foundations including Children’s Hospital Boston Foundation – Departments of Radiology and Anesthesiology Foundation, L. Herlands Fund for Pain Research to support P.A.I.N. Group, Center for Pain and the Brain, and Harvard Medical School.


PMIDS: 25122640, 24218048, 23860483, 23374939, 23370795, 22579743, 22119647, 21849979, 21765857, 21635967,

Sponsors & Partners

David Borsook, M.D., Ph.D.

Lino Becerra, Ph.D.

Last Updated: 04/22/2016

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