IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium (IICC)

At a Glance
  • Status: Active Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2001
  • Initiating Organization: AACC Point of Care Testing Division’s Industrial Liaison Committee
  • Initiator Type: Third-party organization
  • No disease focus
  • Location: North America


The IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium (IICC) is a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and encouraging adoption of a unified connectivity standard to reduce the cost and variability of data exchange between IVD devices and healthcare informatics. This will improve healthcare efficiency and patient care. Member organizations include Abbott Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, bioMérieux, Data Innovations, Orchard Software, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, and Systelab Technologies, S.A.


To optimize use of resources, IICC defines the scope of the technical work along four key dimensions.

  • Geographic reach. An absolutely global perspective defines IICC’s vision and efforts.Data flow. The focus is on IVD test orders and IVD test results as they relate to patients and quality control. Currently, calibration data, operator information, and process status monitoring are considered out of scope but may be considered for future efforts.

    • Labs may be country-oriented, but most IVD products are sold globally.
    • Differences among Europe, the United States, Japan and others must be balanced.
    • National efforts should keep globalization in mind
  • Types of IT systems. IICC will cover the transmission of orders and results between IT systems and IVD analyzers. In this context, IICC will not attempt to distinguish the roles of different types of IT systems (e.g., LIS, middleware, automation manager). IICC will not attempt to standardize the features of IT systems—only their external connectivity. And IICC is not specifically focused on middleware.

  • Types of IVD testing. The priority by test area is as follows:

    • Clinical chemistry

    • Immunoassay

    • Hematology

    • Hemostasis

    • Microbiology

    • Molecular

Point of care, anatomic pathology, and imaging are out of scope.

Structure & Governance

IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium is led by a Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Provider Review Committee, and a Technical Leadership Team.

IICC established three active partnerships, with members of the IICC Technical Team assigned to specific partner organizations, becoming members of relevant work groups. Health Level Seven International is the standards development organization for this consortium. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise is the integration profile developer for the initiative. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute is the laboratory standards publisher for the IICC initiative. 

Points of Contact

IVD Industry Connectivity Consortium
877 Twiggs Ferry Road
Hartfield, VA  32071
United States

Phone Inquiries: 949.289.9623 Ext. 111

Sponsors & Partners


Beckman Coulter



Data Innovations

Orchard Software

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics




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