Investigator Databank

At a Glance
  • Status: Active Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2012
  • Initiating Organization: DrugDev
  • Initiator Type: Industry
  • No disease focus
  • Location: International


InvestigatorDatabank logo CMYK 090913a 003The Investigator Databank is a collaboration between several pharmaceutical companies to share clinical trial investigator information that each company has on file. The Investigator Databank aims to reduce administrative burden for investigators and to increase visibility of qualified investigators to research sponsors.


The Investigator Databank is a collaboration between 5 pharmaceutical companies that aims to create a shared database to reduce administrative burden for investigators and to increase visibility of qualified investigators to research sponsors. Hosted by a third party, DrugDev, the Investigator Databank is the one place where pharmaceutical companies can share investigator and site information and investigators can view, edit, and comment on their own information.

Industry members share information from their clinical trial management systems including investigator/site contact details, good clinical practice (GCP) training records, past trial participation, and recruitment history. Upon investigator opt-in, this information is used by each participating company to identify sites for upcoming studie, to help set recruitment targets and timelines, and to share start-up documents such as CV, GCP, and site profile forms.

Consortium History

Janssen, Merck, and Lilly initiated the collaboration, and Pfizer and Novartis have now joined. Other leading pharmaceutical companies are also invited to participate.


Industry members share the financial support for development and access to the Databank. There is no charge to investigators or their institutions to opt-in to Investigator Databank. 

Intellectual Property

The platform is hosted and managed by a third-party company, DrugDev.

Patient Engagement

Not applicable, no patient data are stored or shared in Investigator Databank.

Data Sharing

Sharing information is part of the unique philosophy of Investigator Databank. The industry members believe that sharing information about which investigators participated in their trials and their respective recruitment metrics allows for better matching of investigators and future protocols, thus providing a benefit to both parties.  By reducing the administrative burden involved in clinical trials, new investigators may be more inclined to get involved in clinical research, and existing investigators will be more inclined to continue to participate in clinical research, thus sustaining the industry.  Investigator Databank believes that the global community of clinical trial investigators is a common resource on which industry sponsors rely.  By sustaining investigators, we sustain ourselves so that we can continue to develop new therapies for patients who need them.  


As of May 2014, the Investigator Databank has grown to include nearly 180,000 investigators. With 50,000 sites and 7,335 studies, representing a patient population of almost 1.9 million, the Investigator Databank already includes four times more data than utilized in the 2013 Tufts analyses of clinical trial sites, published in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, and is already bringing benefits to its member companies in identifying qualified investigators for studies.

Points of Contact

phone: +44 (0)208 741 0918

Sponsors & Partners


Eli Lilly & Co.

Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Research & Development

Merck & Co., Inc.

Novartis International AG

Pfizer, Inc.

Last Updated: 04/15/2016

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