International Thyroid Oncology Group (ITOG)

At a Glance
  • Status: Active Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2006
  • Initiating Organization: Dr. Gagel (President), Dr. Wells (Executive Director), Mr. Vicks (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Initiator Type: Industry
  • Disease focus:
    Thyroid Cancer
  • Location: North America


ITOG is building on the success of its members by forging collaborative efforts that can accelerate drug discovery and clinical trials. Members include leading physicians and scientists who are working together to perform clinical trials to identify new drugs for thyroid cancer patients. Members have led paradigm changing clinical trials for thyroid cancer patients.


The mission of the International Thyroid Oncology Group is to catalyze a cure for the most challenging thyroid cancers through the collaborative efforts of our unique multidisciplinary team of leading physicians, scientists, and advocates to design, coordinate, and prioritize state-of-the-art clinical trials and correlative science. Members have led paradigm changing clinical trials for thyroid cancer patients. These trials have already resulted in the FDA approval of two new drugs for medullary thyroid cancer, and innovative new approaches for treating differentiated thyroid cancer.

Consortium History

ITOG's orgins can be traced to the tireless efforts of our four founding members, Dr. Robert Gagel, Dr. Samuel Wells Jr., Dr. Barry Nelkin, and Mr. Dwight Vicks. In 2003, Dr. Gagel, Dr. Gilbert Cote, and Dr. Steven Sherman met with Mr. Vicks to discuss the obstacles preventing the discovery of new therapies for thyroid cancer patients. For years, thyroid cancer had been incorrectly perceived as always curable, when in fact many patients experience significant morbidity and mortality from their disease. This perception resulted in minimal efforts from federal funding agencies and pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical research necessary to identify new and effective drugs. Finally, there was a shortage of endocrinologists and oncologists with a career focus on thyroid cancers. These issues prompted the formation of ITOG which held its first organizational meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006.

Since its inception ITOG has seen tremendous growth. Not-for-profit status has been formalized, the organization adopted a set of bylaws for its governance, and an elected Board of Directors who serve three year terms was installed. In 2012 ITOG established a relationship with ACCRU, a clinical trials group organized by Mayo Clinic, to conduct clinical trials. In late 2012 the first ITOG sponsored clinical trial was approved, a major milestone for the organization.

Structure & Governance

Dr. Gagel (President), Dr. Wells (Executive Director), Mr. Vicks (Secretary and Treasurer)


ITOG is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity

Patient Engagement

ITOG members include thyroid cancer patients and advocates who bring a unique perspective and commitment to the organization.


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Points of Contact

International Thyroid Oncology Group
5166 Commercial Drive
Yorkville, New York 13495

Sponsors & Partners

ITOG is a group of physicians, scientists, and patients. 

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