At a Glance
  • Status: Completed Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2005
  • Initiating Organization: European Commission 6th Research Framework Programme
  • Initiator Type: Government
  • Disease focus:
    Immunological Diseases
  • Location: Europe


MUGEN aims to structure and shape a world-class network of European scientific and technological excellence in the field of 'murine models of human immunological disease', to advance understanding of the genetic basis of disease and to enhance innovation and translatability of research efforts. MUGEN is focusing on further supporting already established capabilities, through greater integration of already set up services as well as investment on the development of new technological cores, expanding and enriching its research efforts and diversifying its dissemination initiatives to raise awareness.


MUGEN's specific mission is to bring together different expertise from academic and industrial laboratories in order to study human immunological disease by integrating the participant's strengths in immunological knowledge with new approaches in functional genomics. In this way, MUGEN expects to bring Europe a competitive advantage in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. In concert, MUGEN promotes training of young researchers and exploitation, dissemination, and communication of scientific and technological excellence both within and outside of the network, to include all interested stakeholders in the area of human immunological diseases.

Consortium History

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Structure & Governance

The Project Governing Board (PGB) is (initially) composed of the six members that historically formed the Steering Committee for conceptualizing and materializing the proposal for the MUGEN Network of Excellence (NoE). The Coordinator acts as the chairman of the PGB for the full duration of the Network, whereas the Ethics Advisor and the Commission’s Scientific Officer are entitled to attend PGB meetings as non-voting observers. The PGB performs both executive and administrative functions, among which are formulating and revising the strategic priorities of the Network, evaluating, approving, and adopting the Joint Programme of Activities (JPA) and reviewing and approving all Network reports and deliverables.


MUGEN is a project funded under the European Commission’s 6th Research Framework Programme.

Intellectual Property

MUGEN participants will share information and technology platforms and will develop a coordinated agenda of scientific events in order to communicate their scientific achievements to a wider scientific audience, as well as to the general public.


To view a list of MUGEN’s network news, click here

Points of Contact

To contact MUGEN, follow this link

Sponsors & Partners

Biomedical Sciences Research Center “Al. Fleming”

Inserm EMI -0101- Institut Pasteur

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum

Centre d’ Immunology de Marseille – Luminy       

University of Milano – Bicocca

Inst. Of Experimental Immunology, University of Zurich       

Helmholtz-Zentrum fόr Infektionsforschung     

The Netherlands Cancer Institute


Medical Research Council

Medical Inflammation Research

Genopolis Functional Genomics Consortium

Institute for Research in Biomedicine        

Instituto di Richerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri (withdrawn) until 31/8/2005

Heinrich- Heine- Universitat Dόsseldorf

Deutsches Rheuma – Forschungszentrum

Instituto di Biologia Cellulare

University of Lausanne

Center for Blood Research


Innate Pharma



Cytos Biotechnology AG

Arexis AB (withdrawn)

Bank Invest- group

Instituto Clinico Humanitas since 1/9/2005

Biovitrum AB (withdrawn)

University of Cologne


Karolinska Institute

University Medical Center Groningen

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