Porphyrias Consortium (PC)

At a Glance
  • Status: Active Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2003
  • Initiating Organization: NIH Rare Disease Clinical Research Network
  • Initiator Type: Government
  • Rare disease
  • Disease focus:
    Acute Intermittent Porphyria, Aminolevulinate Dehydratase Deficiency Porphyria, Congenital Erythropoeitic Porphyria, Erythropoietic Protoporphyria, Hepatoerythropoietic Porphyria, Hereditary Coproporphyria, Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, Variegae Porphyria, X-Linked Porphyria
  • Location: North America

Last Updated: 04/08/2016

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