Top Industry Pharma (TI Pharma)

At a Glance
  • Status: Active Consortium
  • Year Launched: 2006
  • Initiating Organization: Top Industry Pharma
  • Initiator Type: Nonprofit foundation
  • No disease focus
  • Location: International


Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) initiates and manages drug development consortia that involve the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and the Dutch government. The aim of all of the consortia is to conduct precompetitive research while strengthening the Netherlands’ international reputation for drug development. The focus of all their consortia is on five therapeutic areas: autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and diseases of the brain.


TI Pharma was established to initiate and manage drug development consortia to advance the competitiveness of the Netherlands in the pharmaceutical sector, complementing similar Netherlands-based, public-private initiatives to advance diagnostics (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine, CTMM) and devices (BioMedical Materials program, BMM). TI Pharma consortia aim to improve the efficiency of the drug-development process, with a focus on advancing regulatory science. In addition to research, TI Pharma also has objectives to train and educate scientists in the Netherlands on the drug discovery and development processes, as well as on entrepreneurship. 

The consortia are focused on addressing therapeutic areas that are listed as priority areas by the World Health Organization. These include autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and diseases of the brain. In addition to therapeutic focus, the consortia are also focused on enabling therapeutic target discovery, validation, and animal models; lead selection and in silico modeling; predictive drug disposition and toxicology; biomarkers and biosensors; drug formulation, delivery, and targeting; and production technologies.  

Consortium History

2005: Twenty-seven projects selected in first call for proposals
2006: Eighteen projects selected in second call for proposals

Structure & Governance

The TI Pharma strategy is divided into two stages. The first stage, which occurred in 2006, coordinated the Dutch universities and pharmaceutical companies in collaborative research programs (each project is required to have at least three research partners, one of which must represent the industrial or academic community). The second stage started in 2007 with an aim to further increase European involvement via the Seventh Framework Programme, while simultaneously incentivizing participation from U.S.-based pharmaceutical companies.

Participants include all Dutch universities and academic medical centers, more than 30 industrial partners, small-to-medium sized companies, and representatives from the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (Netherlands regulatory body for drugs).


The Dutch government provides €30 million in annual funding, which is matched through financial and in-kind contributions by industry and academia (€15 million, each per year), for four to six years.

Intellectual Property

The TI Pharma consortia follow general principles that govern intellectual property agreements. The principles can be summarized as the following:
Each consortium has one patent coordinator.

Patient Engagement

Several Netherlands patient organizations participate in consortia managed by TI Pharma. These include groups interested in metabolic diseases (VKS: Vereniging Volwassenen, Kinderen en Stofwisselingsziekten), muscle-based diseases (VSN: Vereniging Spierziekten Nederland), and Fabry disease (FSIGN: Fabry Support & Informatie Groep Nederland).

Data Sharing

The level and method of data sharing is dependent on the scientific goals of the consortium.


TI Pharma was able to start and manage 96 research consortia within its first six years. Results of the consortia are described in the annual report, which can be found here

Points of Contact

TI Pharma
PO Box 142
2300 AC Leiden
The Netherlands
phone: 071-332-2030
fax: 071-332-2031

Sponsors & Partners


Abbott Laboratories


Academic Medical Center Amsterdam


Aeon Astron Europe



Amgen, Inc.


Astellas Pharma Inc.


Batavia Bioservices

Bio Detection Systems

Bio Medical Materials Program


Biomade Technology




Center for Translational Molecular Medicine


Centre for Human Drug Research (Netherlands)

Danone Research

DC Prime

Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative

DSM Biomedical

Dutch Polymer Institute

Eli Lilly & Co.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Fabry Support & Informatie Groep Nederland


Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics



GE Healthcare


Glycostem Therapeutics

Healthcare Insurance Board (Netherlands)

Holst Centre

HQ Medical

Hubrecht Institute

InteRNA Technologies

IOTA Pharmaceuticals

IQ Corporation/IQ Therapeutics

ISA Pharmaceuticals


Jan van Es Institute

Johnson & Johnson


Lead Pharma

Leiden University

Life Sciences & Health

Life Sciences & Health cluster organization

LifeAssay Diagnostics

Lundbeck A/S

Maastricht University

Madam Therapeutics


Medicines Evaluation Board


Merck Sorono/EMD Serono




Netherlands Cancer Institute

Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research

Netherlands Institute for Metal Research

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

Netherlands Vaccine Institute 






Pepscan Presto


Pfizer, Inc.

Pivot Park Screening Centre

PRA International

Prosensa Therapeutics

PROXY Laboratories

Radboud University Nijmegen

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)


Sanofi S.A.

Sanofi/Genzyme Corp


Synvolux Therapeutics

Telematica Instituut



University Medical Center Groningen

University Medical Center Utrecht

University of Amsterdam

University of Bern

University of Groningen

Utrecht University


Vereniging Spierziekten Nederland (VSN)

Vereniging Volwassenen, Kinderen en Stofwisselingsziekten (VKS)

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated


VU University Amsterdam

Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences

Wageningen University and Research Center  



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